Everyone has a worldview

What is your worldview? Everyone has one. It is the lenses through which you see the world. Your worldview has a direct correlation to the choices you make, your definition of right and wrong, how you see other people, and how you build and maintain relationships. Our worldviews can be shaped over time and molded by our experiences. Yet internally there is a basic foundational perspective we hold centrally. It is the core of who we are and who we aspire to be.

I say all that to say this. There are multiple worldviews. Many people thinking and believing different things. Yet to find meaning, hope, joy, peace of mind, and fulfillment in life there is one particular worldview that facilitates all of these. I will call it the master blueprint for life. That is the Christian worldview. The belief that there is a infinite Creator who created us in his image for the purpose of having a intimate, and personal relationship with. It is also the worldview that holds the words of that infinite Creator are written in one Holy writ. Within the pages of this sacred text are the answers to life’s greatest questions. It speaks in a way that transforms lives and sets people free from any form a bondage. The Christian worldview further states a savior who sacrificed himself for our sins. Whom has paved the way for a future life eternal. That there is more after we close our eyes in death.

The most uplifting and encouraging worldview that one can posses. So if you want to live a full, meaningful life that has hope and joy then maybe you should try this Christian/ Jesus thing. You have heard about it. Now maybe its time you give it a try. You have so much to gain.


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