Call the watchmen

Today I was reading the book of Amos. In chapter 9 you see destruction coming upon a disobedient people. The prophet Amos reminds us that judgement will come upon the workers of iniquity. No one can escape God’s righteous judgement. But out of these people there is a remnant. Those who continued to walk with God regardless of the depravity that is around them. The Lord promises to sift them as grain. I say all that to say this. Pay attention to the news. Do your own research. Understand what is coming. We are on the literal precipice of WW3. Those who are followers of Christ should not be surprised by these things. Yet many continue to live day in and day out not concerned by what is happening around the world. These same people are not concerned with eternal matters either. Any day we can go to bed and wake to a nuclear holocaust. In fact the bible is clear that it is coming. Just like in the days of Noah the ark was a refuge for the righteous. Christ today is our ark from the judgement that is coming. Get ready folks. I truly believe God is raising watchmen to warn the people of what is coming.
Ezekiel 33-


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