Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome

Narcissistic Entitlement Sydrome…
Everything is all about me. Psychologists have been arguing, that those who are narcissistic expect special treatment. Moreover, the narcissistically entitled think that no matter what they do or choices that they make, good things will come their way because they are deserving of all favorable outcomes. In competitions, they expect to win, and in measures of their ability, they expect high scores. In relationships they expect everything must revolve solely around them.


The Self Is God

How too often do we find this in our current culture. Self becomes god. This thinking is directly related to the relativistic, existentialist worldview of today. The view that every opinion and thought is equal to another. Mine is just as important to yours if not greater. It is the basis for if it feels good do it. Freedom, Passions, and Individuality are second to none.

Thus in all this we can see the spiritual condition. There is a need of constant fulfillment, and validation. In essence this can only be satisfied through a personal relationship with Christ. This relationship bridges the gap between God and man, thus filling the void within all humans. This void stems from the fall of man. The severing of mankind’s relationship with God our creator created a void that we long to fill whether consciously or subconsciously. In conclusion the absence of God in ones life causes the individual to search blindly for meaning. If none can be found, depression and a sense of worthlessness or abandonment sets in. Leading a person down the path of a troubled life culminating in eternal judgment.


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